About Us


CEO and Founder, Brian Gustin has 30 years of practical experience as a practicing Certified Prosthetist. He grew a single site family owned O&P operation into five locations and started another practice with a partner in another state. In 2006 he sold both operations, one to a larger O&P operation and one to a group of orthopedic surgeons. During his extensive career Brian has served as the 2009 President of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) and still serves on the Coding and Reimbursement Committee. Additionally he co-presents the ever popular "Mastering Medicare: Essential Coding & Billing Techniques." Brian has presented on many business topics at national meetings and was the inaugural winner of the Sam E. Hamontree Business Education Award in 2010.

"Over my years as a practicing Certified Prosthetist and business owner I have learned the needs of patients, payers, and regulators alike and have developed protocols, which ensure profitable operations compliant with regulations."

Brian's experiences from the private business side combined with his experiences interfacing with governmental agencies can provide valuable insight for entrepreneurs, investors, law enforcement, and payers of all types. His motto is good judgment comes from experience...experience comes from bad judgment. Let Brian's experience help you make good judgments.